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Among the elements that more than others can determine the success of a golf club two are those that appear central: on the one hand the field, not only from the point of view of design and technical features, but also the quality of maintenance; On the other hand, the base (and satisfaction) of the members, understood as players, but also who are the users of those structures that accompany them in spending a day at the club, perhaps even without irons and woods.

Enter part on the value of the family and the ability of each of its members to be part of the club's own initiatives. Therefore Golf Club Castello Tolcinasco has always been a family-friendly treatment..

In recent years, the Golf Club Castello Tolcinasco, located near Milan, has acted on more than one director to propose not only to a circle able to attract the interest of potential new members and customers but also, and perhaps above all, goal to give more and more value to who the choice of being a partner had already made it.

And in this direction, having taken the clubhouse's interior and adjoining spaces, making them more welcoming and functional (including facilities such as gymnasium, area dehors with beautiful pool), it was decided to intervene on the main asset, field.
The investment was completed with the redevelopment of the Red Path, with the adoption of Bermudagrass.

A choice that, after touching the 18 "classic" holes, the Yellow-Blue Path (that is to say, who has seen the triumph of Francesco Molinari in the fantastic Open of Italy in 2006) is geared to equally technical and beautiful 9 red holes, with the aim of pursuing a choice that combines ecological and economic motivations.

    In fact, Bermudagrass has already fully confirmed its expectations in the two seasons when it was adopted at the Tolcinasco Castle. First of all, in a season characterized by torrential climates and temperatures beyond all expectations, it kept the turf of Tolcinasco Castle in excellent condition, allowing the game to run on an excellent fairway even when many other clubs suffered great difficulties.

    Then, it has made it possible to drastically reduce the use of pesticides and the demand for water resources for maintenance (about a quarter of what is needed with traditional herbs), thus combining the growing need for eco-sustainability with that of a focus on the profit and loss account that even for a golf club is the assumption of sound management.

    One choice, that of converting to Bermudagrass, which could not be timely and strategic!

    But if the field is the central asset of a golf club, golfers are equally fundamental. And at the Castello Tolcinasco the attention to the sport is also addressed to a particularly important area: young people.

    This special category of players is dedicated to the Club dei Giovani, a combination of sports, golf and / or training programs, which also includes the "physical training" component. All looked after and modulated on the characteristics, attitudes and expectations of young golfers and their parents. And the results and appreciation were not awaited, with a strong and growing participation of children and young people of all ages.

    The key is certainly in clear and up-to-date ideas and initiatives, who coordinates and organizes activities and manages them technically.