Castle of Tolcinasco Golf Club

BLUE Route


Hole 1:

The tee tends to direct the drives to the right, where a bunker is lurking. Short hole. A canal crosses the hole transversely fifty meters from the green, well protected by a bunker.

Hole 2:

Dog-leg a sinistra.
The accuracy of the drive is important, as there are bunkers to the right and left of the fairway.
The second shot is not very long, but the green is raised, well defended by the bunkers and it is not easy to evaluate the position of the flag.

Hole 3:

This par 5 allows you to attack the hole by cutting slightly to the left of the bunkers.
The green can be reached comfortably with a good second shot. A lake skirts the hole on the right side.
If the flag is placed on the right side of the green, another bunker swallows the shorter shots at the auction.

Hole 4:

Interesting hole that requires a precise drive not to end up in the bunker on the left or in the right lake, which follows the hole almost to the green that, depending on the position of the flag, can have slopes that are not easy to read.

Hole 5:

Delicate par 3.
Green on two levels with a lake that defends it to the right, on the left are placed bunkers ready to punish the players too fearful of the water.

Hole 6:

It is important not to open the drive because you risk the lake on the right.
The green, overhead is wide and protected on the left by a high bunker.

Hole 7:

Beautiful par 3 long and very demanding.
The green is lower than the starting tee and is embraced by a double ditch.
Beware of the right bunker.

Hole 8:

Dog-leg on the right.
Never engage the drive and never be short to the green, ultraprotected by a series of front bunkers...

Hole 9:

After a central drive, be careful not to close the shot to the green.
The lake that runs along the left is very attractive and punitive.
Some bunkers on the right, at the same time, prevent you from playing "safely".

Blue Route - Castle of Tolcinasco Golf Club