Castle of Tolcinasco Golf Club

RED Route


Hole 1:

A good straight drive allows long players to reach the green with the second shot.
A drive played with the "fade" is punished by a large bunker on the right of the fairway.
A channel crosses the hole.

Hole 2:

Hole quite short, well defended frontally by a large bunker.
A good high shot stops the ball better on a slightly sloping green to the rear.

Hole 3:

Interesting hole.
By flying the bunkers to the left of the fairway, you gain several meters and then you can play a more open and precise iron to the green.
The channel in front of the green can give some problems to the less powerful players.
Green on two levels that allows the placement of difficult flags.

Hole 4:

The bunker on the right, halfway through the fairway, waits for the players' balls with an easy "slice".
The iron to be used for the second stroke varies according to the position of the flag.
The green is on two levels, the second of which is defended by a bunker on the left.

Hole 5:

This is the most difficult hole on the course.
Tee-shot very delicate due to the out of bounds on the right and the water obstacle on the left.
After a good drive, the second shot is still long and difficult, with a green well defended by a series of bunkers on the right and left.

Hole 6:

On this par 4 it is important not to hook the tee-shot in order not to end up in the left lake.
Some players manage to go right into the water with the second shot, despite having an open iron in their hands.
Green difficult if you go long to the flag.

Hole 7:

A long, straight drive in a narrow fairway to the left and right of the bunker is ideal.
Second shot with no major problems overflying a frontal water hazard.
The uphill green can have difficult slopes.

Hole 8:

Interesting hole, especially when the flag is on the sides of the green well defended by two bunkers.
The water obstacle to the left of the hole is very popular.

Hole 9:

Hole quite difficult.
Who manages to fly the double ditch with the drive, then has a second shot more affordable.
who remains before the ditch, instead has a second long and delicate stroke also due to the right-hand tree.

Red Route - Castle of Tolcinasco Golf Club