Red route

Red route

Hole 1 “Panama”

The players with a long and straight drive could reach the green with the second shot. A drive played with a “fade” may be punished by the large bunker on the right of the fairway. A canal crosses the hole approximately 170 meters before the green.

Hole 2 “Sand Trap”

A short hole well defendedfrontally by a large bunker. A good, high shot is best to stop the ball on the green which slopes slightly backwards.

Hole 3 “Moon River”

Interesting hole. If the player passes the bunkers on the left of the fairway, is possible to gain several meters and therefore can use a more open and precise iron on the green. The canal in front of the green can give some problems to weaker players. Green with two levels that allows the positioning of difficult flags, especially with long sticks.

Hole 4 “Big Three”

The bunker to the right, halfway down the fairway, awaits balls of players who tend to “slice”. The iron to use for the second shot changes depending on the position of the flag because of a wide green has two different levels. The second one is well defended by a bunker on the left.

Hole 5 “Scilla e Cariddi”

This is the most difficult hole of Tolcinasco’s circuits. It is a very delicate tee shot due to the out-of-bounds area on the right and water hazard on the left. After a good drive, the second shot is still long and difficult, with a green well defended by a series of bunkers to the right and to the left.

Hole 6 “Short”

On this short par 4 it is important to not to hook the tee-shot, not to end up in the lake on the left. Some players happen to end up in the lake on the right with the second shot, despite having an open iron in their hands: a difficult green if one goes long at the flag or if the stick is positioned at the back of the green.

Hole 7 “Long & Winding Road”

A long, straight drive is ideal for this narrow fairway, defended to the left and to the right by bunkers. The frontal water hazard does not present a big problem to overcome with the second shot. The green, sloping upward, may present difficulties.

Hole 8 “Il Naviglio”

Interesting hole, mainly when the flag is placed on the sides of the green, well defended by two bunkers. The water hazard on the left is often a trap.

Hole 9 “Stop & Go”

Fairly difficult hole. If the player is able to fly over the double ditch with the driver, then will have a second shot easier. The majority, however, must stop in front of the ditch (perhaps not using a driver from the tee) and must take a long e delicate second shot due to the large trees to the right.