A golf paradise

The 27 championship holes of the route are typical of the philosophy of the great Arnold Palmer, nicknamed "The King", always considered the ambassador of golf in the world.

Its concept coincides primarily with the vocation of spreading the game between the largest possible number of practitioners. At the same time, a course created by Palmer represents an exciting challenge also for the player who wants to compete with Golf in competitive terms.

The statement may seem irreconcilable, but the expert sportsman who has already passed the disappointment of the air shot or socket, who can choose rationally near the green between the iron 7 to run or the most problematic iron 11, or even the player able to use the very difficult iron 2 in the shooting against the wind, will find in the course of Palmer a loyal opponent, but severe.

And yet, even those who begin to approach this splendid sport will be able to enjoy, on the same field, the satisfactions allowed by their level of technical maturity and "listen for the first time the pop of the ball hit in the right way.

The water

There are three interchangeable 9-hole championship courses, which wind along a circuit where the natural elements play an important role, such as the water that is proposed in 11 lakes that dot the path but without never become an insurmountable obstacle. The pools of water are clearly visible and can be bypassed where it is preferred to renounce the daring and spectacular shot.

The Sand

Sand is the protagonist of bunkers, inevitable obstacles along the fairways and around the greens. IIn some places the sand replaces the rough grass rough to give the route a more spectacular appearance. Designed to host large tournaments, the Tolcinasco route also presents all the characteristics of a television set design, both for the spaces available to the public on the electrifying key holes, and for the spectacular nature of the environment in which it’s immerse.

9 hole executive course

As an alternative to the 27 holes of the championship, the golfer in the reserve of time will be able to resort to the 9 executive holes which, albeit in small dimensions, offer a complete and satisfying path.

Putting/pitching green

And for those who want to limit themselves to simple warm-up and pre-race concentration, the putting greens and pitching greens are obviously available, as well as an equipped driving range.


La The Bermudagrass is present in all the competition courses of the Castello Tolcinasco Golf Resort & Spa. For several years now the Club boasts a grass in excellent condition, allowing the game on an excellent fairway even when the weather conditions are more adverse.

This technique has made it possible to reduce the use of pesticides and the demand for water for the maintenance. In this way, the growing need for eco-sustainability coincided with that of excellent control of the company's financial statements.

Those who want to become a member are thus offered a combination in which the quality of the course blends with the nature that hosts it, enriching the offer of this sport, whose success is involving an increasing number of people.