The Castle

The Castle

The Castle is a refined and exclusive club that welcomes partners in a climate of elegance, cordial social relationships and always-new worldly occasions, even in a framework of sobriety and of naturalness.

n the first two floors of the sixteenth-century castle, which preserves intact the suggestion of the past and its original grandeur, the Club House offers its partners unique spaces. The original materials (bricks, clay pots and blanks) were recovered with a painstaking restoration work, under the watchful direction of superintendence at fine arts, with a great effect and fidelity to the past.

Altogether care has been devoted to the restoration of frescoes, decorations, original wooden doors and antique items used to complement furniture.

And so, on the first two floors, the Party Hall, the rooms for meeting, playing and reading, furnished and finished with quality materials and almost all equipped with a fireplace. The bar and restaurant are ideal for welcoming friends, both in the central hall and in the more intimate rooms, where columns, ceilings and original decorations give the environment a suggestive and fascinating atmosphere.

Per i soci è inoltre disponibile un’accogliente sala privè per le occasioni più riservate.

For the members there is also a welcoming private room for the most private occasions. Our staff is highly qualified and specifically trained to the needs of an exclusive setting.

The splendor and charm of the Castle are available for special events, such as celebrations or social events.