Golf Academy

Golf Academy

Castello Tolcinasco Golf Resort & Spa offers all aspiring golfers and anyone who wants to improve their technique by refining the athlete's abilities.

Our Golf Academy, in fact, offers a golf game preparation facility designed not only for young people, but also for the more experienced players wishing to receive specific preparation for competitions or simply to continue the constant improvement path that characterizes an enthusiast of golf discipline.

The Golf Academy is structured in three different levels of preparation.

First Golf Approachf

The Tolcinasco Golf Academy, made up of professionals of absolute experience, uses the most modern technologies to support the teaching of the technical gesture. It offers an innovative educational path that allows the novice golfer to play, in a few months, in complete autonomy and, to the more experienced player, to obtain significant improvements in their game.

Try the Gof

All participants will be given the tools needed to start sporting practice. A master dedicated to the course will follow the students by discovering the paths of our Golf Club. At this stage of the Golf Academy the player will understand the technical difference between a hole and another, beginning to understand the different technical requirements for completing the different paths proposed. Upon reaching a minimum number of lessons (to be defined in agreement with the Master) the player may be granted a free trial period.

Become a Golfer (in 10 hours)

100% GOLFER! Getting the game qualification on the pitch has never been easier.

Course reserved for players who have the main knowledge of the game or who have already taken the "Try golf" course. The goal is to consolidate swing, consistency and repetitiveness of the shots. The ultimate goal, after the first approach with the game on the course, is to issue the certificate of qualification for access to the golf course.

The approach to golf, unlike most sports, requires a learning period that takes place in the area called "driving range" and not directly on the golf course. In the first period of time you have to learn the technical gesture called "swing". This initial imprinting is essential to be able to fly the ball at a reasonable distance and to deal with the three fundamental phases of the game: long strokes, medium-short strokes (approaches) and putt.

It is therefore necessary to participate in a series of technical courses with a teacher, who will give his approval to be able to play on the race course through an authorization called "green card". And that's why Tolcinasco offers a maximum time of three months to play in complete autonomy on our courses with the "green card" in your pocket.


We are equipped with the most modern swing analysis technologies.