The Young Golfers Club

The main purpose of the Youth Club is to bring the greatest number of children closer to the discipline of golf by promoting its development and diffusion among families from an early age.

The staff will follow the athletes, not only supporting them technically, but helping them in the choice of the objectives and in the way they are achieved.

Golf and Children

Everything is designed to grow children in compliance with the rules!

Course management
Teaching and support activities

The organization and management of the activities (group composition, calendar and lesson times, etc.) will be the responsibility of the Technical Manager, in agreement with all the Masters who will carry out the courses. During the year, children who will stand out for their technical skills and commitment will have the opportunity to access the higher level course.

Athletic training
Workouts and programs

The physical preparation of the athletes will take place during the first three months and the last two months in preparation for the next golf season. In the remaining months, training cards will be provided containing exercises to be carried out regularly.