Among the elements that more than others can determine the success of a golf club two are those that appear central: on one side, the golf course, not only from the point of view of design and technical features, but also the quality of maintenance; on the other hand, the base (and satisfaction) of the members, understood as players, but also who are the users of those structures that accompany them in spending a day at the club.

In recent years the Castello Tolcinasco Golf Resort & Spa has acted to offer itself not only as a club capable of attracting the interest of new members but also, and perhaps above all, with the aim of giving more value to quality facilities and services for who is already a member.

The Golfers

If the course is the central asset of a Golf Club, golfers are equally fundamental. At Castello Tolcinasco Golf Resort & Spa the attention to the sports part also turns to a particularly important area for the life of the club: young people.

This special category of players is dedicated to the Young Club, a combination of sports, golf and / or training programs, which also includes the "physical training" component. All looked after and modulated on the characteristics, attitudes and expectations of young golfers and their parents.

And the results and appreciation were not awaited, with a strong and growing participation of children and young people of all ages.

The key is certainly in clear and up-to-date ideas and initiatives, who coordinates and organizes activities and manages them technically